Where are you?!

Where are you?!

It was the day before he was martyred. One side of the embankment of the front line was still not connected. It was difficult to build as whoever was sent to carry out this work, was martyred. This became a serious concern. We were supposed to meet in a bunker to discuss the solution to this problem. After a while, we started getting sleepy and ended up falling asleep. It didn’t take long until someone came over. I told Mahdi, “You sleep, I’ll go and check.” Mahdi slept again. I came out of the bunker. Some guys came and inquired about Mahdi. I told them, “Please lower your voice, he has just gone to sleep.” They said they had something important to discuss. They then went inside to see him and came out after a while and said, “Where is he?” I asked, “But wasn’t he inside?” They said no. I asked, “How can that be?” I went inside myself and saw that he wasn’t there. I got worried. I searched for him all around but was not able to find him. After a while, he called me himself. I yelled back, “You left just like that without even letting me know. Where are you?” He said, “I didn’t go anywhere. I am at the frontline.”

The moment that he said he was at the frontline, I realized he had gone in the bulldozer to build the embankment that everyone had failed to build. I asked him, “Should I come and help?” He said “No, no need. My work is almost finished.”

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