1 – We just don’t have time for the Quran!

It’s hard to put time aside to read the Quran right? We just don’t find the time for it!

But then… Why is it so easy to read posts by people moaning about different things on Facebook? Hours go by when surfing the web for the most useless content… Yet finding five minutes in our daily routines to ponder over the deep verses of the Qur’ān seems so difficult… There is a reason behind this, and it goes back to our nature as human beings.

Imagine the following scenario. It’s mundane, I confess, but please imagine it anyway! It’s a hot summer day. You’ve gone for a run around your neighbourhood. You’re drenched in sweat. You’re coming to the end of your final round. And – just your luck! – you’ve forgotten your water bottle at home. Your tongue has completely dried up, and you’re forced to finish your run without water. What is the first thing you do as soon as you reach home? You run to the kitchen and gulp down five litres of water (Okay, fine, five is an exaggeration!).

At that moment, does anyone need to tell you, ‘You need water. Go to the kitchen and drink a few glasses?’ You don’t need to be told. Why? Because you realise your need for water. You feel it. It’s consuming you. In fact, even if everyone in your house were to say to you, “don’t drink water!” you wouldn’t pay the slightest attention and you’d still race to quench your thirst. Because you are desperate.

This is an example to just demonstrate something about the nature of us human beings. When we realise our need for something, we adamantly pursue it.

And that is exactly why we are distant from the Qur’ān. Because we don’t yet realise our need for it. We think, perhaps unconsciously, that we are needless of it. The first step towards gaining intimacy with the book of Allāh, is to realise that we need it… more than a thirsty person needs water.

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