King of the hearts

King of the hearts

When we were stationed at one of the bases, each day one person was responsible for cleaning up the trenches. Haj Ahmad was responsible for cleaning up on Wednesdays. Despite being the commander, he would regularly perform his duty of cleaning the area with full commitment. No matter how important a task would be, nothing would stop him from performing this duty. At mealtime, he would prepare the place, and then clean it up afterwards. He would get the food and tea ready and would serve the troops. The dishes were always nicely washed.  The trench and the surrounding area, even the toilets, were always spick and span.

Some of the officers were not in favor of commanders and high-ranking soldiers being assigned to clean up. But Haj Ahmad had his own way of thinking. He used to say, “A commander may be an elder brother at the war front, but everywhere else, he is a humble younger brother to the soldiers”. That is how Haj Ahmad ruled the hearts of the troops.

This was a story from the life of Shahid Ahmad Motawassiliyan….. A humble and hardworking commander … who dedicated his life in Allah’s service … and died on His path.

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