A punishment with love!

We were stationed at the Do Kooheh base where we had arranged a short course for the troops.

One day, as we had been training the boys of the Hamza Battalion in the same vicinity, Haj Ahmed came to the training area. He wanted to test the soldiers to see what they had learnt at the course. He asked one of them, “My dear brother! Come explain what you were taught!”

The poor guy who was asked to explain got extremely nervous. He totally blanked out and wasn’t able to explain anything properly. Haj Ahmed got very upset. He immediately instructed him to perform the army crawl. After his punishment was over, Haj Ahmed went near him and took him in his arms and kissed his face and said, “My dear brother, all these hardships are so that we do our best in the operation that is coming up”.

After the sun rose to its peak, Haji Ahmed performed wudhu and stood behind that same soldier and offered the Dhuhr prayer with him.

This was a story from the life of Shahid Ahmad Motawassiliyan. A humble and hardworking commander who dedicated his life in Allah’s service, and was martyred on His path.


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