Supplication in Solitude

Supplication in Solitude

Every time there was an operation and the boys were all going to the frontlines, Haj Ahmed would be out of sight for a couple of hours. I used to wonder why. Once, when the troops were being sent out for an operation, I decided to follow him. A vehicle was parked at the exit. I waited for the perfect moment and went to lie under the vehicle.

Now, wherever Haj Ahmed went, he was in my line of sight. When the boys were leaving, he hugged each and everyone and bid them farewell. I heard him saying, “Brother! Don’t let your takbir be a simple “Allahu Akbar”. Let each of your takbir be as powerful as an entire army”. Eventually, they got on their way and left. I kept an eye on Haj Ahmed. He went inside the room, and after a while came out of the garrison and left by foot. I walked behind him in a way he wouldn’t notice me.

I hid behind a rock and watched as he went towards a pool of water, kneeled down and rolled up his sleeves to do wudhu. Then, he picked up a stone from inside the water and went inside the small cave. I waited to see what he was doing. After a few moments of silence, I listened carefully and heard him whispering and supplicating with Allah. I could hear him cry and beseech Allah with a sad voice. He was saying, “O Allah, you have the fate of the tyrants in your hands. I beseech you, by the right of our master, keep these soldiers safe and protect them”.

This was a story from the life of Shahid Ahmad Motawassiliyan… A humble and hardworking commander…. who dedicated his life in Allah’s service, and died on His path.

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