Patience in obedience

Patience in obedience means that if you want to perform a necessary task or an obligatory duty, an act of worship, or if you want to obey Allah, then you should not get bored and tired of these tasks due to their prolongation. Do not give up half-way. Now, for example, with regards to personal and outward acts of worship, a person does not get tired and bored of performing a long recommended prayer or from reciting a long supplication. Such a person has patience in obedience.

For a person to not get bored and to be able to persist in one’s fasts in the Holy month of Ramadhan, to continuously pay attention to and concentrate on Allah in the obligatory prayers and duties, to pay attention to the Holy Quran; this is patience in obedience.

Patience in sinning means to be patient in face of a sin and to resist against it; to hold back the carnal desires of the soul. Once again, resistance and firmness is needed here. With regards to obedience, strength means to persist. With regards to sins, strength is that a person should not get attracted to it, should not get seduced and influenced by lusts and desires. Sometimes it is sexual desires, sometimes it is wealth, sometimes it is the desire of achieving high positions and status, and sometimes it is the desire of acquiring fame and popularity. These are all human lusts. Every person has a kind of lust.

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