The reason he ruled the hearts

The reason he ruled the hearts

He was heading from the Hills towards their base with the other soldiers. There were cars driving past him as he walked. He didn’t try to wave for a car to stop so he could get a ride. As I was driving by, I stopped the car beside him and asked him to get in. He said, “The other guys don’t have transport either, if they reach late then so should I. We move together wherever we go.” I replied “Whatever the case, you are the commander so please get in the car so we reach the headquarters.” He said “Whatever I may be, God will help us and he will give us strength, I want to stay close to the others during the mission”

This (emphasis) was the reason he ruled the hearts. Whenever he ordered the soldiers, they listened with heart and soul. That was the reason why they had such high regard for Agha Mehdi. In their presence, nothing could harm Agha Mehdi.

He never happened to have his meal before the boys. His meal was never different than theirs… Even if it was just a bowl of salad, he would have the same meal as they did. He used to say this to the other commanders too “Have your meal with your troops. This will boost your credibility”

But it worked both ways. The more Agha Mehdi laid down his life for the boys, the more they would sacrifice their lives for him. One of them would say “I have so much regard for Agha Mehdi that when he was present, I would not think of committing any sin. So whenever the thought of a sin crossed my mind, I would either look at his face or find any excuse to go and see him. This would keep me away from committing sins.”

This was a story from the life of Shahid… Mahdi Bakeri. A young leader who served the people for Allah’s sake, and finally gave his life away, for Allah’s sake.

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