Don’t come to me, go to Allah

Don't come to me, go to Allah

It was before the second stage of the Wal Fajr 4 operation. The army was preparing for an attack. We were given a reconnaissance task to go identify the enemy’s position, the obstacles and their defences. Ahead of their front line, the enemies had placed mines around. Their trenches were in locations that were out of our reach. Most importantly, they had also trained dogs whose barking was so loud that they would absolutely terrify us. They would smell us out, and bark and we weren’t able to do anything. We went to the front but returned without any information. We went to Agha Mahdi and said: “It’s not possible. What shall we do?” He replied “Aren’t you ashamed of asking me for help? Are you working for me? If your hearts would unite and be aware of the fact that it is only God that you are working for, then, whenever you are faced with any obstacle, or their dogs come barking at you, it would be enough for you to put your foreheads in humility on the ground and ask Him, Allah, and not come to someone like me who himself is caught up with his own struggles.”

We told him that the other night, the boys went, and stepped on mines and as a result, attained martyrdom. But nothing could persuade him. He used to answer saying, “I don’t want to hear these things. Don’t talk to me about this. Only Allah!” So, finally, we decided to listen to what Agha Mahdi said and see how it goes. Whenever the sound of dogs would come, or the enemies would start a manoeuvre, or we got stuck between mines, we would put our foreheads on the ground and whisper, “Only You can help us!” That night, having acted upon Agha Mahdi’s instructions, we succeeded in identifying all the enemy positions and obstacles, all the way to their main front.

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