Where is he?!

Hemmat P - 91

It was the Khyber Operation. Hemmat was inside a trench which was not more than a kilometre away from the front line. We were in the front line and continuously in contact with him.

Ibrahim contacted me and asked, “The Imam Husain Corps is expected to join us tonight. We don’t have anyone to brief them. Can you come to brief them?” I replied yes. He said, “Come to the trench by sunset so I may first brief you as well, and I have some work with you.” I said,  “Sure, but where are you going right now?” He replied, “I am going to Abbas. He needs help regarding some issue.”

In the Khyber Operation, Hemmat and I were in the central position. Abbas Kareemi was on the eastern side. So after talking to me, Haji went towards the eastern side on a motorbike.

It was nightfall and Haji had not returned. I said to myself, “He had instructed me to come to the trench. He must have come but as he did not find me, he must have gone somewhere else.”

I took a motor bike and started heading towards the eastern side. After reaching Kareemi’s barracks, I asked “Did Haji Hemmat come here?”. Abbas Kareemi replied with  a no. I said, “He had come to help you out with something.” He said: “There wasn’t a major issue. There was a counterattack, but it’s all good now.”

I said: “Abbas,  God forbid, I fear something has happened to him.” He said, “Why are you thinking like that?” I said, “Wherever Hemmat goes, it’s unlikely he wouldn’t tell me…”

This was a story from the life of Shahid… Ibrahim Hemmat.. a young and active youth, who gave his all for Allah’s sake, and left this world as a shahid