Wisdom of fasting

Some people will abstain from eating and drinking [all those actions that break one’s fast] from dawn till dusk. This is one level of fasting. Such a person strives at the bare minimum not be burned by the hellfire and to enter paradise, a level of paradise which is described in the Quran as follows: “Gardens beneath which rivers flow” [85:11]. However, such a person will not be admitted into the level of paradise described in this manner: “So enter among My servants and enter into My garden” [89:29-30].

Fasting has its own particular rulings and etiquettes. It has its own wisdom as well, which is meeting Allah and Divine love. As long as people do not fall in love with and desire Allah, they will not strive; and as long as they do not strive, they will not reach that goal. Since fasting belongs to Allah, Allah Himself is duty bound to reward those who fast.

Ayatullah Jawadi Amuli

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