What basic spiritual program would you advice to those interested in spiritual wayfaring?

Question: What advice do you have for those who are interested in spiritual travelling and wayfaring, so that they can follow a basic program?

Answer: First of all, travelling and wayfaring is nothing except continuously obeying Allah. The following points that are necessary for spiritual progress:

  1. Strengthening beliefs, as well as learning about and strictly adhering to performing the compulsory actions and staying away from the prohibited ones.
  2. Offering prayers on time and, even better, in congregation.
  3. Reciting 20 verses of Quran every day.
  4. Reciting the recommended duas after daily prayers as often as possible, especially the tasbeeh of Hadhrat Fatima Zahra (a).
  5. Reciting nafilah prayers: 2 rakah before Fajr, 4 rakah after maghrib, 2 rakah sitting after ‘isha. You can start by reciting a few at first, and then gradually building up.
  6. Going through the practical Islamic laws.
  7. Maintaining good relationships with family members and brothers in faith.
  8. Engaging in lawful worldly activities.
  9. Reciting the daily ziyaarat of the Imams (as) during the week.
  10. Sending salawat upon the Prophet and his household on Thursday nights and Fridays.
  11. Reciting surah tawhid 100 times and istighfaar on Fridays.
  12. Frequently attending religious gatherings and establishing a connection with religious scholars.

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