The best action in this month

In his final sermon of the month of Sha’ban, the Noble Prophet (s) wanted to prepare the Muslims to make better use of this month and mentioned some points in praise of the month of Ramadhan. At the end of his speech, the Commander of the faithful (a) stood up and asked the Prophet (s) a question: “O’ Messenger of Allah! After praising and mentioning all the virtues of this month, what are the best actions to be performed in this month?” The Prophet (s) responded, “Abstaining from the prohibitions of Allah, the Mighty and Glorious”. A month of this grandeur, a month of worship, a month of forgiveness, a month for reading the Qur’an; with all of its benefits and virtues, the best action in this month is to abandon that which is forbidden and to abandon sins. This shows just how much importance this action has. You should all strive to tolerate this abstinence and not sin in this month.

Ayatullah Khushwaqt

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