Using the Name of Ahlul Bayt for Selfish Desires

Some of the unjust caliphs and leaders used to stand up (as a mark of respect) upon hearing the names of the Holy Imams (a), but their real purpose was to gain power and position. An example of this was that of Abdullah Ibn Zubayr who wept for what happened to Imam Husain (a) but in reality was against him (a). He even portrayed that he hates Yazid so that people get attracted to him. People like him used to misuse the names of the Imams (a) for their own personal benefit. When they saw that their work would progress by using the name of the Ahlul Bayt (a), they would start working towards their real motives under the shelter of their holy names.

Now it is for us to assess what our intentions are when performing any tasks that we undertake in our lives. Are we using the name of Islam and the Ahlul Bayt (a) in order to accomplish our own personal goals of fame and reputation? Even if our objectives are correct, are we working to achieve them the way Allah (swt) and the Holy Imams (s) would want us to achieve them or are we using wrong methodologies with the excuse that the end justifies the means? We need to ask ourselves sincerely: are we inclining towards this world or towards Allah (swt)? However difficult this question may be to answer, we have to be sincere with ourselves if we want to walk on the right path.

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