The end of the month: A new beginning

Every Eid al-Fitr for a Muslim who is aware and vigilant can be a true day of Eid. It is the day of the resumption of spiritual and devotional life, just like spring is for plants and trees.

Throughout the year, a person may become afflicted with different types of spiritual impurities and sins, and some, due the carnal desires and ugly traits, gradually distance themselves from the realm of Divine mercy. But every such person gets an exceptional opportunity, and that opportunity is the Holy Month of Ramadhan. Throughout the Month of Ramadhan, hearts soften, souls shine and become radiant, and people prepare to walk in the valley of special Divine mercy. Every person enjoys this great Divine banquet as per his efforts, which he strives for according to his capabilities.

After the end of this month, the beginning of the New Year is Eid al-Fitr. That is the day a person can start making use of that which he achieved in the Holy Month of Ramadan, to follow the straight path and avoid other crooked paths. All the efforts made by the Prophets, Imams, their successors, the righteous ones, and the truthful were so that a person may identify and protect himself from his inner enemy, i.e. the carnal soul. This is the great secret of attaining spiritual and divine ranks.

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