Struggle to Eradicate Poverty

As a result of the blessing of the month of Ramadhan, an opportunity arises for Muslims to take advantage in terms of strengthening their spiritual lives and [acquiring] material happiness.

One of the biggest lessons of the month of Ramadhan that comes in the interval of prayers, fasting and reading Qur’an that we are more likely to be doing in this month, is that by tasting hunger and thirst, we think about the hungry, needy and poor. In the daily prayers of the month of Ramadhan, we say:

“O Allah, Enrich Every Indigent (Poor One). O Allah, Satisfy Every Hungry Person. O Allah, Clothe Every Unclothed One”

This prayer is not only for reading; rather it is so that everyone fights against poverty themselves and feels obliged to struggle in the path of removing the filth of deprivation from the faces of the needy and oppressed. This fight is a responsibility upon all.

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