6 – Some motivational quotes regarding the Quran

Here are some statements from the Prophet and his Household to motivate ourselves to get started!

On the Day of judgement, the Qur’ān will be witnessed as light. This light will be more radiant than everyone it passes by, until it passes by the Messenger of Allāh (ص) and it will be equal to him in radiance.

asrār al-salāh – Āyatullāh Mīrzā Jawād Malikī At-Tabrīzī


It is related that the Messenger of Allāh said,

Illuminate your houses with the recitation of the Qur’ān and do not take your houses as graves like the Jews and Christians; they prayed in their places of worship and not their houses. For surely a house in which the Qur’ān is recited much, its goodness increases, its dwellers become affluent, and such a house shines to the inhabitants of the heavens just as the stars shine to the inhabitants of earth.

Uşūl al-Kāfī, volume 4, chapter on the Virtue of the Qur’ān


It is related that Imam Sadiq said,

One who recites the Qur’ān while reciting it is difficult for him, will have two rewards (for reciting it despite its hardship)…

Uşūl al-Kāfī, volume 4, chapter on the Virtue of the Qur’ān


It is related that Imam Sadiq said,

A believing youth who recites the Qur’ān, the Qur’ān mixes with his flesh and blood and Allāh places this youth with the honourable scribes (angels who record man’s deeds) and the Qur’ān will be a guard for him on the Day of Resurrection; it will say:

‘My Lord! Each performer of an action has received his reward, except the one who acted upon me! So bestow on him the most noble of Your bestowals!’

Thus Allāh will clothe him with two heavenly garments and place on his head a crown of honour. Then it will be said to the Qur’ān, ‘Have We pleased you regarding him?’

Then the Qur’ān shall say, ‘My Lord! I had hoped for him that which was greater than this!’

Thus he shall be granted safety (from punishment) on his right side and eternal permanence (everlasting bliss) on his left side. Then he shall enter Paradise.

It shall then be said to him: ‘Recite and ascend in station!’

Then it shall be said to the Qur’ān, ‘Have We made him reach (where you desired) and pleased you regarding him?’

Thus will the Qur’ān say: ‘yes’.

Uşūl al-Kāfī, volume 4, chapter on the Virtue of the Qur’ān


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