Solutions for someone who is heavily affected by sexual desires

Question: What are the most beneficial solutions for someone who is heavily affected by sexual desires?

Answer: First of all, one should place his trust in God and seek His help. One should always focus on overcoming this desire by acting upon the following:

To begin with, we should control our eyes and be wary of what we gaze upon. We should control ourselves while looking at pictures. We should be cautious regarding the images that we see on television and while reading magazines.

Secondly, we should reduce going to crowded places wherein one may find himself around non-mahram.

Thirdly, we should make a firm decision, while coming out of our houses, that in our workplace or on the road, we will only use our eyesight with purpose.

Fourthly, we should avoid foods that arouse our sexual desires. For example, avoiding spices which have been said to cause this.
Another solution is exercising, which is very effective.

One other solution is to avoid shaving pubic hair, if shaving them becomes a cause for arousal.

In any case, if a person has the means to get married when the time is appropriate, then they should put the necessary effort towards that, whilst being very careful in choosing the right spouse.

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