So what actually happened…

Hemmat P - 95

We got on the motorbike and started moving. Haji Hemmat and Mir Afzali were in front of us, and we were following them.

We were a few meters apart. The place where Hemmat wanted to go was down the roadway. But, to reach that place, we had a take a route which would slow us down, and which was completely in the line of sight of the enemies. The enemies had a tank right opposite to that road. Whenever a vehicle used to pass by that road, they would fire straight at it.

Hemmat’s motorbike was getting close to that area. I was behind him. I said “Haji, hit the accelerator!” But just then, Hemmat let go of the accelerator and at that exact moment, a shell was fired and exploded.

There was a thick smoke between us and Haji Hemmat. The explosion threw us off the bikes and for sometime I was dizzy. As the smoke subsided, I saw a motorbike fallen on the left side of the road. Two bodies were lying on the ground.

I just then remembered that Haji Hemmat and Mir Afzali were ahead of us. I ran towards the bodies. The first one was lying face downwards, I turned it up. It was fully intact, except that it didn’t have a face and the left hand. The explosion had taken away his face… Hemmat was not identifiable at all.

I went towards the other body. I couldn’t believe it… It was Mir Afzali.

This was a story from the life of Shahid… Ibrahim Hemmat.. a young and active youth, who gave his all for Allah’s sake, and left this world as a shahid

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