Putting aside for Allah’s sake

After completing military service, Ibrahim entered medical school. Previously, he had done a teachers training course, and so, alongside learning, he was teaching as well.

As the Islamic Revolution was reaching its peak, he was becoming more and more active in revolutionary activities, to the point where, after 4 months, he dropped out of university. Wherever he used to go, he would speak out against the Shah.

He would say, “We need to do something to overthrow the Shah”. The situation had reached the extent that Ibrahim and his friends were able to bring down the statue of Reza Shah Pahlavi from the center of the city square and destroy it. This lead to the authorities coming under pressure and closing the gates of the city’s municipal building.

On the same day, upon the instructions of Ibrahim Hemmat, the people took over the city’s municipal building and cleared it out. They found some documents, including an order for Ibrahim’s execution.

This was a story from the life of Shahid… Ibrahim Hemmat… a young and active youth, who gave his all for Allah’s sake, and left this world as a shahid….

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