What better place than this?

What better place than this?

We were at the dam and the enemy was only 20 meters away. I told Agha Mahdi, “For the sake of Islam, please retreat. Even though you wish for martyrdom, Islam still needs you.” I insisted so much that I started crying. He said, “Go get the brother on the boat, he got injured.” When the boat came, Agha Mahdi also got on the boat. After a while, he switched off the boat and got off.. Whatever documents or maps he had with him, he took them out, tore them up and threw them into the water. He then said, “Whoever has grenades, throw them.” We threw all the grenades that we had towards Saddam’s forces and managed to kill several.

At that moment, I felt a bullet hit me. I told Agha Mahdi, “I think I am injured.” He came and took my RPG, and then said, “You just keep fire.” After a brief exchange of fire, I told Agha Mahdi, “We’re continuing to fire, you just try retreating in any way possible.” He said, “Are you in your right mind? Is there any place better for me to go to than this?”

…….The conflict was getting intense when all of a sudden, Agha Mahdi fell to the ground. I ran towards him.. I turned him around.. A bullet had pierced his forehead and blood was flowing out. However much I called him, kissed him, shouted.. it was to no avail… Agha Mahdi had become shahid.

Very quickly, I turned on the small boat and placed Agha Mahdi and the others inside and started moving towards our own forces. The enemies were firing so much at the boat that it was full of holes.

In the middle of this whole fight, a soldier appeared on the water bank and fired an RPG towards the boat. The boat exploded. I don’t recall much of the explosion, all I remember is finding myself inside the water. Because of the petrol in the boat, the boat had caught fire. With immense pain and sorrow, I watch the bodies of Agha Mahdi and the others burn in the fire. The boat drifted towards the bank and stopped there. But because of the intense shooting going on, I couldn’t go to it. That night, a few of us went there, but we did not find any trance of agha Mahdi….

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