Living in this world with prosperity

The prophets and Holy Imams (a) did not come to the people in order to say that this world has no use; rather they came in order to show us how to live in this world with virtues and respect. They also came to teach us that it is possible to attain prosperity in this world by thinking about others, doing good to them, giving charity and being truthful.

When someone thinks about the well-being of others, is saddened because of the sadness of others and becomes happy because of the happiness of others, then in reality he is only thinking about the betterment of himself and how he can perfect his soul during his life in this world. Every single thought and deed has its own specific effect on the self. So, for example, if you give charity, it is true that you have helped another person financially, but in reality you are the one who benefits from the rewards of Allah (swt) in both worlds. Or, for example, if a person is jealous towards another, he will not only spoil his present state and mood thereby ruining his worldly life, but will also ruin his life in the hereafter, since he will also lose his faith, as per the narration of Imam Baqir and Imam Sadiq:

قال الامام الباقر و الامام الصادق عليهما السلام: ان الحسد یاکل الایمان کما تاکل النار الحطب

Verily, jealousy eats up faith the way fire burns out wood.

So, hasn’t the time come to get awakened by the call of Allah (swt)? Hasn’t the time come that we follow the path of the Prophets and the Holy Imams (a) in order to gain prosperity in this world?

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