Let him continue working for me

Let him continue working for me

Agha Mahdi had made me in charge of the supplies. The person working in the storehouse came to me and said, “There is a volunteer here who works like 10 men. He doesn’t take any leave nor does he need to be given any motivation. If possible, please let this person work under me.” I asked who that person was. He said, “At the moment, he is emptying the sacks and taking them to the store… There he is”

We were a bit far and he was busy doing his work. When we got closer, I realised who it was. The person he was talking about and praising was Agha Mahdi himself. As he saw me, he signalled with his eyes that I shouldn’t say anything. I went close to him, he said, “Don’t say a word and let me do my work.” But I was surprised and couldn’t control myself, yet I didn’t utter a word… until the work finished. I had lost my patience, I went to the storehouse keeper and said, “Do you have any idea who is this person you have given work to?” He said, “Who is he?” I replied, “That is Agha Mahdi, the commander of the troops.”

The storehouse keeper felt really embarrassed. He went to Agha Mahdi and apologised. He wanted to kiss his hand but Agha Mahdi didn’t let him, and said, “You didn’t force me to do this work, it was my duty to help you.” Later he reproached me, “Why didn’t you just control yourself and not say anything!”

This was a story from the life of Shahid… Mahdi Bakeri. A young leader who served the people for Allah’s sake, and finally gave his life away, for Allah’s sake.

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