Laylat al-Qadr An Opportunity to Seek Forgiveness

Laylat al-Qadr is an opportunity to repent and seek forgiveness. Ask Allah for forgiveness. Now that Allah has opened up the grounds for us to return to Him, we should seek forgiveness and beg for His pardon. We must do this otherwise a day will come when Allah will say regarding the offenders,
“they will not be given permission to present excuses.” [77:36]
They will not give us permission, God forbid, to apologize on the Day of Resurrection. The guilty ones will not be allowed to open their mouths to plead for forgiveness. That day will not be a day to beg for His pardon. Here is where we have the open field, where we have the permission. This is where our seeking of forgiveness will elevate our status, wash away our sins, purify us and make us luminous. Seek forgiveness from Allah. Here, where there is opportunity, we should draw Allah’s attention towards ourselves and draw Allah’s Grace and Mercy and His love towards ourselves. Allah says,
“Remember me so that I may remember you.” [2:152]

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