He stood by his words till the very end

It was the day that we had gone for Ibrahim’s marriage proposal. After all the discussions, our mother said, “we have one more condition regarding this marriage. Ibrahim has to quit smoking”. As soon as she uttered these words, Ibrahim stared at us unhappily. His wife-to-be said, “one who strives on Allah’s path should not smoke. It is far from your high status to do so.”

On our way back, he said, “why did you have to say that? Could you not have left that part out?” He was sitting in the back seat of the car, and because of his flu, he was smoking a cigarette. He was smoking to soothe his headache. He said, “don’t you know that I smoke because of my sinusitis? Don’t you know that I smoke because of this headache?” I said, “it was necessary. They should know about it”.

As soon as we got home, he reached into his pocket, took out the pack of cigarette, threw it on the floor and crushed it with his foot. He then said, “here are the cigarettes. From now on, no one will ever see me smoking.” And till the end of his life, he stood by his words.

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