Entering the Month of Ramadhan

God willing, you should enter the Holy month of Ramadhan with a healthy soul. See yourselves as the guests of Allah in the blessed month and see Allah as your host who is observing all events. If, God forbid, a time comes where you want to mistreat someone, know that you are mistreating a servant of Allah in His presence. If you backbite a believer, know that you have backbit a believer in the presence of Allah. Your actions, according to traditions, are being presented to the Holy Prophet (s). If your actions are presented to the Prophet of Allah and he sees that you are a wrongdoer, how disappointed will he be? You don’t want the Prophet of Allah to become upset; do not offend his blessed heart. If they, at one point, take our book of deeds and show the Prophet of Allah and he saw that it was full of backbiting, false accusations and other similar bad deeds, and that your heart (he is aware of its state) is inclined towards this world, that your character is full of vices such as hatred, envy, jealousy and bad opinions of people; if he sees all of these things in your book of deeds, perhaps he may feel embarrassed in front of the angels and in front of Allah (swt) and he may be ashamed that this person is one of my followers, one of my Shias, and is from among my nation.

Imam Khomeini

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