Eid gift from Allah

Eid al-Fitr is the day to receive Eid-gifts from Allah the Most High. It’s the day that in the qunoot of the Eid al-Fitr prayer, there are millions of devoted and humble people engaged in the remembrance of Allah. They request their Lord to grant them the same goodness that He had given His greatest servants, and to keep them away from the worst evils that He kept the greatest of people in history away from.

The first level of that goodness is ascending to the level of attentiveness to Allah, serving Allah, recognizing Allah, being connected with Allah, and receiving inspirations from Allah, in all of one’s speeches, actions and inactions. And the worst evil is associating someone with Allah, being humble in front of powers other than Allah, and being in opposition to Allah while being the slave of others.

We hope that Allah, through His grace and mercy, answers the prayers of the millions of Muslims who are asking from deep within the hearts, and lets them enter into the valley-of-peace of servitude and to reach the position of a righteous servant which is appropriate for him.

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